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Wireless baby monitor with night vision (1 per customer)


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Frequent traveler? Always on the move? We've got the baby monitor you've been waiting for. The latest addition to the Lorex Baby family adds a twist to one of our most popular monitors; meet the SWEET PEEP MINI™ , a stylishly compact version of the original SWEET PEEP™. Featuring a 1.8 inch portable LCD monitor, crystal clear night vision for bedtime monitoring, a built-in speaker and microphone that enables two-way talk, and up to seven hours of battery life for on-the-go monitoring!

Model no.: LB24

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1.8 inch Video Baby Monitor


Portable LCD monitor

We've scaled down the monitor, making it easier than ever for you to carry it around the house or take with you on the go. Measuring just 5.4 by 3.2 inches, the petite device is similar in size to a smartphone and fits easily in pockets, purses and/or baby bags. Boasting a 1.8inch LCD screen, the monitor comes with a built-in battery that's capable of running up to seven hours - ideal for vacations and nighttime use.


Night Vision


Crystal clear night vision

A baby monitor is only as good as its night vision. Rest assured that Sweet Peep mini offers you the best, the clear black and white picture lets you see every little move your bundle of joy makes, even when it's pitch dark! The camera features a built-in nightlight that softly illuminates your child's room, helping your little angel feel safe and return to sweet dreams.

Talk to baby


Two-way talk

Sometimes there's nothing more comforting to a child than the sound of mom or dad's voice. Using the indispensable two-way talk feature, reassure your tot or toddler that you are still there. With the Sweet Peep mini, you're always just a fingertip away from your little one!




Versatile and expandable

Like the baby monitor itself, the camera's base offers you incredible flexibility. You can practically rotate it any which way. In addition, the compact monitor features a belt clip that doubles as a stand. Sweet Peep mini can grow with your family, add additional cameras and view them all on one screen. This is ideal for parents with multiple kids and pet owners.


Up to 7 hours of battery life!

The SWEET PEEP mini comes with a rechargeable battery for the monitor that offers up to seven hours of battery life (enough to last you the entire night!). Go about your day with ease knowing you will always have a reliable pair of eyes and ears in the nursery or playroom


Impressive wireless range

Watch them sleep without the risk of waking them up. The impressive 450ft outdoor/150ft indoor wireless range allows you to observe your child from a distance. You can multitask in peace knowing that you’re always just a fingertip away from your little one!


What's Included?

The Sweet Peep mini includes:

  • 1.8" Portable LCD Monitor... so you can hold your little one comfortably in the palm of your hand. Enjoy bright, crisp vision by day and night.
  • Crystal Clear Night Vision... the clearest black and white picture let's you see every little move they make, even when it's lights out!
  • Two-Way Talk... while you catch up on emails in the home office, sing your baby to sleep using the monitor's high-sensitivity microphone.
  • Built-In Nightlight... the wireless camera has a built-in nightlight to softly illuminate the room and help your baby relax into a sweet sleep.
  • Crisp Sound... you won't miss a beat when you can tune in to every baby breath.
  • Stand doubles as a belt clip... so you can take the Sweet Peep mini with you anywhere you go.
  • Portable and Compact... the Sweet Peep mini is small enough that you can easily take it with you to grandma's house or anywhere else you bring your little one.
  • 450 ft Outdoor Wireless Range... this feature ensures that your family is always in the comfort zone.
  • Accommodates up to 4 Cameras... tots, toddlers and tweens. As your family grows, add three additional wireless cameras and keep an eye on everyone.
  • Up to 7 Hours of Battery Life... with the power to go all day and all night, you will always have a reliable pair of eyes and ears in the nursery or playroom.


1. Battery life: Up to 4hrs for monitor with video/audio ON continuously. Extended battery up to 7 hours in audio only mode.
2. Picture switches to black and white automatically when the room is dark for greater clarity. Objects may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera location.
3. Range up to 450ft/150m outdoor, 150ft/ 50m indoor based on line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.

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