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  • 4K+ Ultra HD 12MP 16-Camera Capable NVR (8 Wired + 8 Fusion Wi-Fi)
  • First Matter-compatible NVR
  • H30 4K+ Ultra HD 12MP Bullet Wired Camera with Enhanced Color Night Vision
  • H20 4K Dual Lens Camera with 180° Panoramic View
  • Color Night Vision
  • IP67 weatherproof rated cameras
  • Pre-installed 2TB local storage with no monthly fees
  • 2-way talk and quick response using the Lorex App

Lorex Fusion NVR with 2 Dual Lens and 6 IP Security Cameras - 4K 16-Channel 2TB Wired System

  • 4K+ Ultra HD 12MP 16-Camera Capable NVR (8 Wired + 8 Fusion Wi-Fi)
  • First Matter-compatible NVR
  • H30 4K+ Ultra HD 12MP Bullet Wired Camera with Enhanced Color Night Vision
  • H20 4K Dual Lens Camera with 180° Panoramic View
  • Color Night Vision
  • IP67 weatherproof rated cameras
  • Pre-installed 2TB local storage with no monthly fees
  • 2-way talk and quick response using the Lorex App

Safe & Secure

Apps are protected with end-to-end data encryption.


Risk Free

Return for any reason within 30 days of delivery.

bi secure payment

Flex Payments

Spread out payments with easy financing options.


No Monthly Fees

Local recording protects privacy and saves money.


Taking your security further

Clarity like never before! Lorex's 4K+ security system will capture the finest details with six cameras featuring a 12MP image sensor that delivers 50% more pixels than 4K and two 4K dual lens cameras with complete 180° panoramic view. Even in darker settings, you will be able to see better and brighter video with Enhanced Color Night Vision. Rest easy knowing you can rely on a stable wired camera connection to the NVR that can record 24/7, even without the internet. This Fusion NVR supports up to 8 wired cameras and 8 Fusion wireless cameras (such as Fusion Wi-Fi Cameras, Video Doorbells, and Floodlight), allowing you to expand and customize your security ecosystem to perfectly fit your property.


Most of your security footage is of you!

Keep your recordings private and in your control.

Dedicated Local Storage

  • Keep Moments Private
  • All Data/Footage Stored Locally

In-Camera Edge AI

  • Detection Processed Locally
  • Private and Secure Data

Private by Design

  • Enhanced Privacy Features
  • Control Devices, Storage, and Settings

From 4K to 4K+

See your property like never before. At the core of the H30 (E910AB) cameras is an ultra high-definition 12MP sensor, which produces 50% more pixels than 4K (8MP), delivering impressive clarity and enhanced detail to your video footage.


Double your view

Monitor larger areas with less cameras. The H20 (E871AB) Dual Lens features two built-in professional-grade lenses, which connects two adjacent scenes together to create one continuous 180° panoramic view.


Superior video quality, day and night

Add colorful details and improve clarity with Color Night Vision*. In complete darkness, the camera will use its Infrared Night Vision to record crisp black and white video so you’re never left in the dark.


*Ambient lighting required


Enjoy the Reliability of Wired Security

A stable wired camera connection provides reliable 24/7 security. You can customize where you want to install each camera when integrating them into your property.


Built for the outdoors

Both cameras have been designed to withstand the harsh impacts of nature. They have an IP67 rating (our highest weatherproof rating) and has durable, all-metal housing for added protection.


2-Way Talk

Easily communicate through the camera's built-in microphone and speaker using the Lorex App. You can also choose pre-set or personalized voice messages to welcome or instruct visitors.


No Monthly Fees

Access all premium features and have ample storage for your video recordings without recurring fees or subscriptions.

Keep your video recordings private

Your security camera records countless hours of you. Keep your recordings in your control thanks to the NVR's local 2TB security grade hard drive. This NVR can be upgraded to a maximum 16TB of storage.


Simplify your Smart Home with


Introducing the first-to-market Matter compatible NVR! Control the warning lights and sirens of your cameras with Matter compatible devices.

works with Google works with Alexa
*Internet connection is required.

Smart Security Lighting

Personalize your security to your liking. Assign certain light colors to motion events and camera modes to create your own custom lighting cues. The customizable smart LED light band includes over 16 Million color options


Proactive Security

Stop events before they happen by deterring unwanted visitors using the customizable Smart Security lighting, motion-activated warning lights and siren.


Keep the activity around your house private with In-Camera Edge AI.

What is In-Camera Edge AI — the intelligence feature that detects what is creating motion operates locally within your device. This means that no image is sent to the cloud or hosting site, keeping you in control of your security.


Get Alerts that Matter

Get detailed notifications regarding what type of motion is detected and personalize your settings to only receive the alerts you want.

Person, Vehicle, Animal and Package detection

Two stitched into one

In order to achieve the expansive 180° coverage of the H20 4K Dual Lens cameras, the two connected views are fused together with Image Stitching Technology*


*Depending on placement and distance factors, camera performance may adjust with curvature or misalignment. Click here for more info.


Quick Search

Easily find the video clips you need with Quick Search. To help find and save the evidence, search events based on the color of a car or a person shirt, and a number on a car licence plate*


** The accuracy of this feature could be affected by the placement of the camera installation.

Lorex Fusion Ecosystem

Build your security the way you want with the Lorex

Fusion Collection

Easily grow your security by adding Lorex Fusion Wired and Wi-Fi Cameras.

All-in-One Security

Connect all of your devices to one recorder with secure local storage for enhanced privacy and protection.

24/7 Recording

Record continuously to your NVR’s local (and upgradeable) storage with no monthly fees.*

One App Access

Remotely monitor and control your Lorex devices from anywhere using the Lorex app.


*To conserve battery life, Lorex Battery-Operated Doorbells and Cameras cannot record 24/7 continuously to the Fusion Recorder’s local hard drive.


What's Included?

N910 Front Overview
N910 Back Overview
  1. Hard Drive, Power & Network Statuses
  2. USB Port
  3. Info / Panic Button
  4. Power Connection
  5. Camera Connection (PoE)
  6. Network Connection (LAN)
  7. Monitor Connection (VGA)
  8. Audio Out / In
  9. Monitor Connection (HDMI)

Package Contents:

4K+ Fusion NVR

Ethernet Cable

USB Mouse

HDMI Cable

Power Adapter

  1. 4K (8MP) IP cameras are required to take advantage of 4K recording.
  2. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution and quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
  3. Lorex Fusion supports compatible Lorex wired cameras and Wi-Fi devices with sufficiente signal strengh between the Wi-Fi devices and your Wi-Fi router. All cameras must be connected to the same network. For full details on Wi-Fi cameras compatibility and instructions, visit
  4. Controlling certain features in your security system requires a compatible smart device. Availability and performance of certain features and services are smart device dependent and may not be available in all areas or networks. For compatibility, features, and instructions visit
  5. Compatible with certain Lorex IP and select wireless cameras only. For a list of compatible cameras please visit
  6. Accessing your security system remotely requires a high-speed Internet connection. Ensure your NVR has a wired connection to a router (not included). A minimum upload speed of 6Mbps is recommended for reasonable video performance.
  7. HDMI output supports 4K HD for high definition multi-channel live or recorded video viewing. Image quality and resolution is dependent on the type of camera connected to the NVR, as well as TV/monitor resolution.
  8. Detection types need to be supported by the camera.

Lorex products are designed for consumer and business use only and not for US federal governments, federally-funded projects or contractors subject to NDAA.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Corporation. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown.

Apple, the Apple logo and AppleTV are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

Google, Google Home, Google Play, Google Play logo, Google Assistant logo and Chromecast are trademarks of Google Inc.

Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

E910AB Overview
  1. Cable Notch
  2. Adjustment Screw
  3. Speaker
  4. MicroSD Card Slot
  5. Reset Button
  6. IR (Infrared) Light
  7. Camera Lens
  8. Smart Security Lighting
  9. Warning Lights
  10. Microphone

Package Contents:

4K+ Bullet IP Camera

Mounting Kit

Ethernet Extension Cable*

*With pre-attached weather-resistant cap.
E871AB Overview
  1. Microphone
  2. Dual Lens
  3. Smart Security Lighting
  4. IR (Infrared) Lights
  5. Warning Lights ×2
  6. Adjustment Screws ×2
  7. Camera Base
  8. MicroSD Card Slot*
  9. Reset Button
  10. Speaker & Siren
  11. Cable Notch

Package Contents:

4K Dual Lens Bullet Camera

Mounting Kit

Ethernet Extension Cable

*A microSD card can be inserted for independent recording. Data can be accessed through the camera using a web browser but will not upload to the NVR or to the cloud for mobile app viewing

Product Support

N910 Series - 4K+ Ultra HD 12MP 16 Camera Capable NVR

E910AB Series - 4K+ 12MP SSL Bullet AI PoE IP Camera

E871AB Series - 4K Dual-Lens IP Bullet Wired Security Camera

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