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Different Types of Security Cameras and Their Uses - Lorex Technology Inc.

It’s easy to see that home security cameras are on the rise. Just have a look around your neighbourhood. It’s clear that security cameras and CCTV are no longer reserved for businesses and other commercial buildings. This is thanks to the advent of DIY security designed for easy installation and usability.  These products can range from a full multi-camera Wired Security Camera System to a simple Wi-Fi Camera or Video Doorbell. Their foremost purpose - to capture important moments should an incident occur. This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many benefits that having home security can provide. So which type of security camera is best for your home? Ultimately, the answer depends on you and the depth of security you want.  Let’s take a look at some of the products that Lorex can provide to find the perfect security solution for you. 

Wired Security Cameras

If you’re looking for the highest grade of security than you will want a wired security camera.  Wired security cameras are hardwired to a recorder and offer the highest resolutions, the smartest detection technology, and continuous recording to the recorder’s local hard drive.  Wired security cameras come in two varieties: IP and Analog. 

IP Security Cameras

Digital IP Security Cameras are the most technologically advanced and feature the best all-around video and the smartest features. IP stands for “Internet Protocol,” and refers to digital cameras that send and receive data through a network to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) via Ethernet cables. They are powered by the NVR itself using PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) technology, which means they do not need to be plugged in. IP Cameras are considered “smart” as they perform the recording, encoding, and analytics (such as motion detection) themselves before sending the digital data to the NVR for storage. IP Cameras are also the most "future-friendly" as the technology is located within the IP cameras themselves, which enables easy updates, such as video analytics, in the future.

Analog Security Cameras

Analog Security Cameras have been around for much longer than IP Cameras and are a more traditional and cost-effective choice for CCTV security systems. As opposed to capturing digital data, like IP cameras, Analog cameras capture raw analog data, which it sends to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) via BNC coaxial cables to be converted and encoded into digital data. In this case, it is the DVR that performs the heavy-lifting (like the motion analytics) rather than the camera itself. As for power, Lorex provides Siamese BNC coaxial cables to connect Analog Cameras to the DVR. These cables are really two different cables in one, which is why the ends of the cable has two different connection points. One of the connections is for data transmission and the other is the power cable for the camera. This allows you to plug the camera in near to the DVR rather than finding a plug nearby to the camera itself. 

Advantages of Wired Security Cameras

Whether IP or Analog, wired security systems have plenty of advantages:

  • Continuous recording at the highest resolutions: Wired cameras are always rolling, making sure you don’t miss a moment. For example, Lorex’s long-running Nocturnal Series Security IP Cameras offer high resolution 4K video at a real-time 30 frames-per-second frame rate, which delivers crystal clear video with smooth on-screen movement.
  • Number of cameras:  Wired systems include an NVR or DVR that have plenty of channels to add additional cameras. Some NVRs can house up to 32-channels, which means you can add up to 32 cameras. 
  • Hardwired connection: A hardwired connection provides the most dependable and secure connection.
  • Customizable settings: Built within NVRs and DVRs is a massive amount of customizable settings for each camera. This includes motion zones, recording modes, area searches, privacy blackouts, and much more. 
  • Large storage capacity: Each NVR and DVR includes a large capacity security grade hard drive. These hard drives are built for the strenuous task of continuous recording and can work around-the-clock without ever taking a break. Also, in most cases, hard drives can be easily upgraded with larger size hard drives, which allows you to keep footage longer. 

Smart Home Security

Lorex has created an entire smart home eco-system of Wi-Fi security cameras and devices that all connect to the Lorex Home app and work with current Smart Home hubs like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. These smart home cameras are designed to be easy to set-up and easy to use. Furthermore, with the release of the Lorex Smart Home Security Center, all of these smart home devices can be managed from one central location from within your house.  Smart home cameras are full of features designed to add peace-of-mind and convenience to your life. Not only will they notify you of any motion activity, you can use easily speak through the camera to instruct or scare away visitors, stopping potential events before they even happen. Smart Home cameras record motion events directly to an on-board microSD card, keeping your data with you while saving you from any monthly service fees. Let’s take a closer look at the type of smart home security cameras and devices that you can add to your house: 

Wi-Fi Cameras

Wi-Fi security cameras are simple security solutions perfect to monitor a specific area of your house. Simply plug them in, connect them to your local network, and start monitoring them through the Lorex Home app on your smartphone. There are a few different models to choose from, including both Indoor Wi-Fi Cameras and Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras. For more coverage, there are also Pan-Tilt models that include an adjustable lens that can look both left and right and up and down. Outdoor Wi-Fi cameras also include deterrent features, like motion activated LED lights and loud sirens. Ultimately, Wi-Fi security cameras are perfect for basic monitoring of front doors, backyards, or specific situations like pet monitoring or elderly monitoring. 

Video Doorbells

Never miss a visitor again with a Wi-Fi video doorbell. Installed using the existing doorbell wiring, video doorbells provide both security and convenience. Video doorbells will start recording the moment motion is detected until the encounter is over. You can also answer the door from wherever you are using your smartphone or program pre-recorded messages to greet visitors.  Other features include a nightlight, Color Night Vision, and HDR (high dynamic range) technology to automatically correct exposure in really bright or dark areas.  

Floodlight Cameras:

Upgrade your outdoor lighting fixtures to a Wi-Fi Floodlight Security Camera. Perfect for above garages and backyards, a Floodlight Camera can be used to add lighting around your house while also being a valuable deterrent.


Add some video-free security to your house with Lorex Security Sensors. There are two different options of sensors. First there is a Motion Sensor. This sensor will immediately notify you through your smartphone the moment motion is detected. Second there is a Window/Door Sensor, which comes with two small pieces that, if separated, will notify you that the door or window has been opened. You can also link Sensors to other cameras connected on the Lorex Home App, so that if they are triggered, that camera will immediately start recording. Sensors make a perfect add-on for cameras or systems that also use The Lorex Home App.

The Lorex Smart Home Security Center:

Create your own personal Smart Home eco-system with the Lorex Smart Home Security Center at its core. Any Lorex Smart Home product can be easily added and managed to make home monitoring easier and more convenient than ever. It also serves as a recorder with it’s local storage, creating a secondary back-up of any camera data should its local storage somehow become disabled.   

Advantages of Smart Home Products

There are plenty of advantages when it comes to adding Smart Home products to your home:

  • Customizable security: Choose from all of the different varieties of smart home products to create your perfect security set-up. 
  • The Lorex Home app: The Lorex Home app will keep you connected to all of your smart home products and allow you to communicate through your cameras to people on the other end.
  • No monthly fees: All smart home products record to local storage - keeping your footage with you.
  • Google Home and Amazon Alexa compatibility: Connect Lorex Smart Home Cameras to your smart home hubs to enable simple voice commands, such as “Show me Garage Camera” or “Activate Floodlight Camera,” to add some extra convenience to your life.


Lorex Fusion

Want to combine wired security cameras with Smart Home Cameras? Well, now you can with Lorex Fusion. Fusion is a set of Recorders that can incorporate Wired 4K Security Cameras, Wi-Fi Cameras, Video Doorbells, and Floodlight Cameras through the Lorex Home app. This allows you to record wireless products continuously to the recorder’s hard drive. It also provides a valuable backup of the Smart Home Cameras internal microSD storage should it somehow become disabled. This ultimately allows you to combine the professionalism of 4K wired security cameras with the versatility of Wi-Fi cameras, giving you total customization of your security. 

Wire-Free Security Cameras

Lorex Wire-Free Security Cameras are battery-operated and do not require any cables to either power them or to send data to a recorder.  This makes them an extremely versatile home security solution.  Wire-free cameras remain in stand-by mode until the moment they detect motion. They will then wake-up and start recording, wirelessly sending their data to a recorder or hub for storage.  Once the battery hits the 20% mark, the app will automatically send you a notification to remind you to charge the battery. You can also check the battery levels at any time right from the app. When it is time to charge, Wire-Free Security Cameras use a quick-release function that allows you to discharge the battery power pack without removing the camera from it’s position.  


There are two varieties of Wire-Free Security Systems:

Wire-Free Systems with Lorex Home Hub:

The Lorex Wire-Free Security System with the Lorex Home Hub is a perfect solution for those who might wish to grow their Lorex smart home security eco-system. The Lorex Home Hub connects directly to the Lorex Home app, which is also used by the rest of our Smart Home collection.

Wire-Free Systems with NVR:

An NVR Wire-free Security System offers higher storage capacity and the ability to connect the system to a monitor or computer for customization and viewing. The NVR connects to the Lorex Cirrus app for easy smartphone monitoring.

Advantages of Smart Home Products
  • Easy installation: Wire-Free security cameras are designed to be easy to install and set-up with no complicated long distance cabling. Simply turn them on and connect them to their recorder or hub, and they’re ready to go. 
  • Total versatility:  Wire-Free cameras are perfect for locations that would be difficult or impossible to install wired or wi-fi cameras in.
  • Protective features: Features such as active deterrence LED lights, a loud warning siren, and two-way talk help prevent potential events.
  • Expandable: Connect up to six (NVR) or eight (Hub) cameras per system for total property coverage. 

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to home security. The choice comes down to what type of security you are looking for? Professional Wired Security Systems, Smart Home Security Cameras, Wire-Free Security Systems all have their advantages.  In the end, Lorex wants to help you protect the people and the things that matter most to you. This is sometimes as easy as stopping events before they happen. Simply having visible security cameras on your property is a powerful deterrent. Then add deterrent features, such as motion-lighting, sirens, and two-way talk on top of that to build in further deterrents for any unwanted visitors. So the choice is yours. We hope this article has made your purchasing decision a little more straightforward. Happy monitoring.