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Lorex Technology Introduces Lorex Smart Home Security Center - The Future of Home Security - Lorex Technology Inc.

ONTARIO, CANADA (October 6, 2021) – Lorex Technology, a leader in smart home security, announced the launch of the Smart Home Security Center, the heart of the Lorex security ecosystem which can be paired with their best-in-class security cameras. The Smart Home Security System comes bundled with wire-free cameras, bringing users into the future of security with this versatile and expandable system, all without monthly fees.

The new system is now available for pre-order on Lorex.comall orders between October 6th and October 18th will receive a FREE Lorex wired 1080p Wi-Fi Video Doorbell as an add-on to the Smart Home Security Center.

“What really stands out about this product is its versatility,” said Steve Hong VP, eCommerce. “When we created the Smart Home Security Center, we wanted the homeowner to have full control of their security all at their fingertips. Plus, offer them the flexibility and ease to expand the system with the ability to grow as their family and needs grow. We are proud of this innovative system and are thrilled to continue our mission of safeguarding and enhancing customers’ lives.”

As an all-in-one, fully wireless network video recorder (NVR), the Lorex Smart Home Security Center can be located centrally in the home, as it connects untethered to a router via Wi-Fi and comes with a Range Extender for even greater whole-home coverage. Homeowners have the capability to observe and control all Lorex cameras and connected devices from the Home Center and can stay connected through notifications from the Lorex Home app, even while away.

With no wires to run, set-up can be completed in minutes. Additionally, homeowners have the flexibility of personalizing their home security system by pairing the Lorex Smart Home Security Center with indoor & outdoor Wi-Fi cameras, video doorbells, floodlights, and sensors available at and select retailers.

Key features of the Smart Home Security Center include:

  • A 7-inch LCD touch screen paired with 2K video camera resolution for optimal viewing

  • The capability to view four cameras on the touch screen at once, with up to 8 connected devices

  • Exceptional value with no expensive or hidden monthly cloud fees thanks to secure built-in storage

  • A privacy mode, facial unlock feature, built-in camera cover and a microphone mute switch for additional privacy

  • Stay connected to all your paired devices with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Use the range extender for wider, whole home coverage

  • The capability to pair with up to eight Lorex indoor/outdoor cameras, doorbells, floodlights, and up to 32 sensors

  • Compatibility with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

  • Local storage includes with a 64GB MicroSD card, which can be expanded up to a 256GB MicroSD or up to a 1TB SSD

  • Convenience and lifestyle features such as a Bluetooth speaker, to stream your favorite music; weather forecast display and a customized lock screen featuring your own uploaded images

Level-Up with 2K Resolution

To complete the smart home security ecosystem, the introduction of the Home Center is complimented with the expansion of Lorex’s 2K wireless smart home products. In addition to the 2K Doorbell and 2K Wire-Free Cameras, Lorex has added an indoor pan-tilt security camera and a stationary indoor security camera to its collection of 2K products. Previously 1080p, the new cameras provide double the resolution of the previous models and add more clarity when using the zoom-in features, providing users with optimal visibility into every part of the home or business.

The Lorex Smart Home Security Center featuring two 2K wire-free cameras is now available for pre- order on for $499.99 USD. Beginning October 18, the Home Center can also be purchased on as well as other fine retailers.

*Pre-orders for US customers only.

About Lorex Technology

For 30 years, Lorex Technology has been one of the most trusted names in home and business security. Lorex has always focused on developing innovative security products that safeguard and enhance consumers’ lives with attractive, high-performing products. With renewed focus on secure and private smart home devices, Lorex provides fully tailored, best-in-class smart home security ecosystems. To learn more about Lorex, visit

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