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Lorex for Business Upgrade Incentive - out with the old, in with the new

Upgrade Your Business' Surveillance to The Latest and Greatest in Smart Security

Lorex now provides Businesses an incentive for upgrading their Lorex or Non-Lorex surveillance system or cameras. Simply sign up and a representative will contact you to help find the best security solution for you.

Upgrade your business to Nocturnal 4 security cameras

Upgrade to Nocturnal 4

Serious security deserves serious security cameras

build you own system with the security recorder and cameras you want

Custom Solutions

Every business is different - let us help you personalize your security


Ultra HD Resolution

Smooth 4K clarity provides the best evidence

upgrade to 4K ultra HD security cameras

Color Night Vision

See an extra level of detail with full color video at night

See more detail in the dark with Color Night Vision

Heavy-Duty Metal Exteriors

Long-lasting protection against vandalism and the weather

don't settle for cheap plastic security cameras - upgrade to metal security cameras

Smart Motion Detection

Know exactly what type of motion is detected (person or vehicle)

upgrade to security cameras with Smart AI detection

Motiorized Varifocal

Get closer to the action with 4x Optical Zoom Lenses

get closer to the action with optical zoom lens security cameras

ePoe Technology

Install cameras further away then ever before (up to 2000ft)

install cameras further away then ever with ePoE technology

People Counting

Know when the high service times are to help with staffing schedules

Improve Service, Efficiency, and Profitability with security cameras featuring People Counting anaytics

Heat Mapping

Analyze customer movement to improve your store layout

know hot spots with security cameras featuring heat maps

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Upgrade your business security with PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Security Cameras

PTZ Cameras

Perfect for open areas of your business

Convert Analog Security systems to Ethernet with  CVI-to-Ethernet Converter

CVI-to-Ethernet Converter

Upgrade to Ethernet - No need to re-run your coxial cables

Lorex Partner Program

We believe by working together we both win!

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