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How to register your product for a Lorex DDNS account

A Lorex DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) account allows you to connect to your Lorex security system from anywhere in the world using an easy-to-remember website address that is available 24/7. This applies to both Static or Dynamic IP address. So no matter how often your Internet Service Provider changes your IP address, Lorex's exclusive DDNS service will keep you connected to the things that matter to you most.

Follow the instructions below to set-up your custom DDNS website.

Log in to your Lorex account (you may already be signed in). To create a new account, fill in the required fields and click Create an Account.

Click on 'Warranties' in the menu options. Click Activate Warranty to register your product for warranty. Please note that Warranty registration is required to register for DDNS. Fill in the warranty registration form with your product and purchase details. Refer to your product documentation for the Product Model Number and Serial Number. Click Save Warranty.

Click on 'DDNS' in the menu options. Click "Set up a New DDNS" and fill out the Set up a New DDNS form with information about your product.

  • Under Warranty, select the product warranty you created.
  • Under Device Name, enter a name for your device. You can enter your name, business name, or anything of your choice. This is used to identify this device in your list of activated DDNS accounts that appears anytime you visit the DDNS page.
  • Under MAC Address, enter the MAC address of your Lorex product. See the Manual or Quick Start Guide of your product for details. A MAC address is a permanent, unique 12-digit address used to identify a device on a network.
  • Under URL request, enter the web site address that will be used to connect to your Lorex product. For example, if you enter tomsmith, your product's web site address will be*

Click "Add Device." A confirmation email will be sent to your email account.

*If your product's HTTP or Web port is anything other than port 80, you will need to enter colon (:) and the HTTP or web port in the browser when you connect to your Lorex product. For example, if the HTTP or web port is 85, you will enter to connect to your product.

Sign in to your Lorex recorder and click on the settings icon from the main menu. Choose Network from the pop-up options.

Enter the DDNS account information from the Lorex DDNS confirmation email to activate DDNS. Click Apply to save your network settings.

The final step is to complete port forwarding on your router. You must forward your recorder's HTTP Port and Client Port numbers to your recorder's IP address. For full instructions, refer to your router's documentation, or call Lorex technical support.

Then type your custom URL into your web browser. Enter your Login and Password.

You can now connect to your Lorex product and access its video from anywhere in the world.