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Wire-Free Accessory Camera with Power Pack and 1 USB Receiver (Black, 4-pack)


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With 20 plus years of experience, Lorex knows security cameras. We are now proud to introduce our all-black wire-free security camera model. Made for people who take their security seriously, this wire-free camera delivers both performance and convenience. Features include full 1080p HD recording resolution, excellent infrared night vision, advanced motion detection and a weather resistant housing. Compatible with Lorex wire-free DVRs only.



WIRE-FREE camera

Indoor / outdoor wire-free security camera



High definition 1080p resolution



Maximum night vision range



Ideal for doorway and residential monitoring

black wire-free security camera

Easy installation

This security camera is completely wire-free. This means that there is absolutely no cabling involved in powering or connecting it to the DVR (sold separately). So put this camera anywhere you want - inside or out. Simply attach the metal mount to any sturdy surface and lower the camera's base into the mount until you hear a click. Then insert the battery pack and your camera will be ready to connect.

wire-free security camera motion detection

Advanced Motion Detection

A Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor is built-in to this wire-free camera to detect motion. This sensor detects heat from moving objects such as people, animals, or vehicles, and not things such as blowing leaves. Upon detection, the wire-free security camera will automatically wake up and start recording.

2K (4 megapixel) network security monitoring

Long distance wireless range

The wireless range for a Lorex wire-free camera is typically around 450ft with a clear line-of-sight. This signal strength allows you to place your wire-free security camera in the location you need it most, including detached buildings, barns, or along your distant property line.* This camera also uses adaptive DSSS (Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum) technology to reduce signal interference, minimize conflicts with other competing wireless signals, and prevent eavesdropping.


*Please note that concrete, trees, or other large objects will greatly reduce the strength of your signal. This may result in lower resolution recordings and dropped frames.

1080p HD wire-free security camera black

Crisp 1080p HD quality recordings

Serious security requires clear details and accurate representations of important events. This Lorex wire-free camera will provide you both of these thanks to their 1080p HD recording resolution and an 88° wide angle lens. This lens, in comparison to wider angle lenses that stretch the field of view, will accurately represent real-life with an undistorted image. This full HD quality may end up being the difference you need when identifying vital details such as facial features. Digital zoom capabilities will also help you capture the necessary evidence you need from your security camera.

wire-free secuirty camera long lasting battery

Long lasting lithium-ion battery

This wire-free camera comes with a two-cell rechargeable lithium ion battery Power Pack. This battery is incredibly powerful and long lasting. With this battery you can expect up to four months of use before having to recharge it.* To ensure your camera always has power, you will receive low battery notifications through the Lorex Cirrus app so you will never have to worry about when to charge your Power Pack. The Power Pack's convenient quick-release function allows for easy battery replacement. You don't even need to remove the camera from its mount. These batteries are also designed to automatically stop charging when they are fully charged so you don't have to worry about damaging or overcharging them.


*This average is based on around 4 minutes of recording per day. High traffic areas will decrease their longevity since the camera will turn on more often.

wire-free security camera night vision

Infrared night vision

It is no secret that the darkness of night provides easy cover for potential intruders. This is why having a security camera that can keep a watchful eye on your property during the night can't be overstated. Thankfully, this wire-free camera has 12 powerful infrared LEDs around its lens. This will provide you with high-quality night vision up to 40 feet away with the help of ambient light (porch lights, street lights, etc.). This camera also features an automatic infrared cut filter that will automatically disengage at night. This ensures accurate color representation during the day and high-quality black and white infrared video through the night.

wire-free weather resistant security camera

Safe for outdoor installations

Don't be afraid to install this wire-free security camera where you need it most - indoors or outdoors. It is weather resistant and can continue to operate through rain and snow. It will even continue to operate in temperatures as low as -4°F and as high as 104°F. For an extra level of protection and to keep the lens clean, you may want to choose a sheltered location for your camera.



Heat Rating

113°F | 45°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

-4°F | -20°C

Cold Rating



What's Included?


Wire-Free 1080p HD Video Security Camera features:

  • Full 1080p HD wire-free video resolution
  • Up to 450ft wireless signal range provides many placement options 1
  • Get up to 4 months of battery life without having to recharge the Power Pack 2
  • Receive low battery notifications through the Lorex Cirrus app (on compatible DVR) 3
  • Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology greatly reduces conflicts with competing signals
  • Don't pay a professional. Cameras are easy to install by yourself
  • Night vision up to 40ft 4
  • Weather-resistant (IP65) battery-operated cameras go almost anywhere, indoor or out 5
  • Built-in PIR camera motion sensor alerts you on the Lorex Secure app when activity is detected (on compatible DVR).
Unobstructed Wireless Range 450ft / 137m
Operating Frequency 2.4GHz
Video Resolution Up to 1080p (1920×1080)
Image Sensor 2.1MP CMOS
Video Compression H.264
IR cut-off filter Yes
Night vision Yes, 12× 850nm LEDs, Up to 40/26ft - 12/8m
Field of View 88°
PIR Motion Sensor Yes, up to 20ft/6m detection range
Battery 5200mAh (2 cell Power Pack)
Battery Level Indication Yes
Environmental Rating IP65, Weather Resistant
Operating Temperature -4° to 113° F (-20° C to 45° C)
Operating Humidity Range 30~90 % RH
Dimensions (W × D × H) 3.8 × 7.2 × 6.1", 96 × 182 × 154mm
Weight 0.9lb/0.4kg (incl. Power Pack)

Each LWB3900B Includes:

1 × Wire-Free Cameras
1 × Rechargable Power-Pack
1 × Power-Pack Charger
1 × Mounting Kits

1. Maximum wireless transmission range. Actual range dependent upon building materials and other obstructions in the path of the wireless signal.
2. Battery life is based on ideal conditions and will vary depending on settings, usage, and temperature.
3. HD Wire-Free cameras are compatible with select Lorex HD Wire-Free DVR recorders. For a full list of compatible recorders, visit
4. Stated IR illumination ranges are based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting and total darkness. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object.
5. Not intended for submersion in water.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Corporation. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.

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