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Crime rates may be rising, but Lorex cameras with Smart Security Lighting are visible from a distance, deterring intruders before they try.

What Are Smart Security Lighting Cameras?

Lorex Smart Security LightingTM cameras include a customizable color light band that is on 24/7, ensuring your cameras are seen, day or night.

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Additional Deterrence Features to Stop Crime:

Motion-Activated Lights

If they don’t see the Smart Security Lighting, the motion activated LED lights will get their attention.

Warning Siren

See someone suspicious? Scare them away with the loud siren.

2-Way Talk

Tell unwanted visitors to leave your property by speaking through the camera.

Quick Response

Pre-set or personalized voice messages can be played with a single tap after a motion event notification is opened in the app.

We’ll Stop Crime, Guaranteed!

We’re so confident that if our Smart Security Lighting security cameras don’t deter crime, we’ll reimburse you up to $1000 for the financial lost.