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Lorex 4K 1TB Wi-Fi HaLow NVR System with Outdoor Battery Security Cameras with Rechargeable Batteries

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SAVE $210.00 (21%)

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Lose the cables, expand your coverage

Introducing the industry’s first 4K Battery-Operated Camera NVR system with Wi-Fi HaLow technology. Wi-Fi HaLow uses a lower frequency to extend and strengthen the wireless connection of the cameras while also preserving their power. This superior connection, along with an easy DIY installation, a premium feature-set, and 1TB of data storage with no recurring fees, makes this system a perfect choice to protect any type of property.



Night Vision

Color Night






Superior video quality, day and night

Experience the quality of 4K Resolution, delivering exceptional video clarity, realistic color imaging with digital zoom. Get enhanced detail with nighttime video thanks to Color Night Vision (ambient lighting required) and Infrared Night Vision, which records crisp black and white video in complete darkness.


Versatile Battery-Operated Design

Lose the wires, not the coverage. Get security where you need it the most and enjoy flexible and seamless installation thanks to the battery-operated design. These cameras feature a 3-Cell Battery Power Pack, supporting 4K Resolution while offering up to 600 motion events with a single charge.*

*Battery life will vary based on camera placement, settings, temperature, number and duration of event recordings.


Experience the Improved Range and Connectivity of Wi-Fi HaLow

Wi-Fi HaLow connection delivers a better overall connectivity, especially across longer distances, as it uses a sub-1GHz frequency.

Learn More About Wi-Fi HaLow >

Get Alerts that Matter

Only receive notifications you care about and reduce unwanted alerts with Person Detection with no recurring monthly fees.


Proactive Security

Get an added layer of security and deter unwanted visitors with the motion-activated warning light and a remotely triggered siren.


Speak with Ease

Hear and speak directly to visitors through the camera using the Lorex Cirrus app with 2-Way Talk.


Private Local Storage

What does your security camera record the most of? You. Keep your recordings where they belong - Private, at home and in your control with the NVR's dedicated local storage. Enjoy ample storage for your video recordings with the 1TB Hard Drive.

No Subscription Required

Experience top quality security at no extra cost. Access all premium camera features, motion events and video recordings with no recurring monthly fees.


As you grow, so can your security

Expand your security - this NVR system is 6 camera capable, allowing you to add up to 2 more cameras when you need more coverage.


Monitor your home or property whenever you like

Stay connected to your Lorex battery-operated security system from anywhere with the Lorex Cirrus App. Receive push notifications straight to your phone's home screen if one of your cameras detects motion, easily review past motion events using the easy-to-read history timeline, and much more.


Smart Home compatibility

Get fast access to your cameras with hands-free voice control. Use simple voice commands to activate camera features.

works with Hey Google

Black and white covers included

This battery power pack offers the flexibility to match your wire-free camera effortlessly. With both white and black covers included, you can customize the color of the battery pack to seamlessly blend with your camera.


Long lasting lithium-ion technology

This Power Pack uses cutting-edge lithium-ion technology to provide you with reliable and long-lasting power for your wire-free security cameras. Lithium-ion batteries offer numerous advantages, including high energy density for longer-lasting power, extended lifespan, rapid charging capability, lightweight design, minimal self-discharge rate, absence of memory effect, and eco-friendliness, making them an ideal choice for various applications.


How long will a battery Power Pack last for?

The battery life of this Power Pack is dependent on how often the security camera turns on. This means that the battery life will be significantly less if the camera is in a high traffic area full of motion activity or much longer if it is in a very low traffic area. The period of time that the camera remains recording after the camera senses motion will also impact how long a Power Pack Plus will last. At 10 seconds recording with approximately 24 events per day, the battery will last 6 months.



  • Estimates provided are for 20°C / 68°F
  • Battery consumption varies on temperature
  • Darker environments may reduce battery life up to 50%
  • Colder climates may reduce battery life up to 50%
  • We recommend to not install cameras close to tree's to increase battery life (falling leaves increase potential events)
  • We recommend to not install camera's facing high traffic streets or paths in order to increase battery life
  • The capacity of the power pack degrades over time due to aging.

What's Included?

L85591 Overview
  1. Power Status Indicator
  2. HDD Status Indicator
  3. QR Code
  4. USB Ports
  5. HDMI Port
  6. Ethernet Port
  7. MicroSD Slot
  8. Power Port
  9. USB Ports
L85591 Overview
U855AA Parts 1
U855AA Parts 2
  1. Antenna
  2. Warning Light
  3. Light Sensor
  4. Microphone
  5. IR Light
  6. Fastener
  7. Adjustment Ring
  8. Battery Release Tabs (x2)
  9. PIR Sensor
  10. Pairing Button
  11. MicroSD slot
  12. Speaker
  13. Power Port
  14. Locking Screw
  15. Battery Charging Indicator
  16. Mounting Plate Slots

Package Contents:

1 × 4K NVR

4/6 × 4K Battery

4/6 × 3-Cell

1 × NVR Power

1 × USB

1 × Ethernet

1 × HDMI

1 × Camera
Power Supply

4/6 × Mounting

4/6 × Fastener

16 × Mounting
Anchors & Screws

1 × Tool

3-Cell Power Pack

1 × Battery Cover (Black)

1 × Battery Cover (White)

1 × Battery Locking Screw Kit

1 × Quick Start Guide

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L8559 Series - 4K NVR & Battery-Operated Camera System

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