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Accessory Power Pack for Battery-Operated Cameras (3-Cell)

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SAVE $25.00 (45%)

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wire-free security camera batteries from Lorex

Ensure no down time in your wire-free security monitoring by adding an additional 3-cell Power Pack.

Wire-Free Series Compatible
LWB4800 Yes
LWB4850 No
LWB6800 Yes
LWB6850 No
LWB4900 Yes
LWB5800 Yes
U222AA No
U471AA No
lithium ion battery power pack

Long lasting lithium-ion technology

This Power Pack uses cutting-edge lithium-ion technology to provide you with reliable and long-lasting power for your wire-free security cameras. In fact, this is the same type of battery that you find in laptops, cell-phones, and even high-end electric cars. Lithium has a high energy density that can store more energy and are designed to be recharged hundreds of times. Lithium batteries also have no memory effect, which means that you don't have to completely deplete their charge before recharging.

battery power pack with quick release

Easy to charge

Wire-free Power Packs are designed to easily snap in and out of the camera's base. This allows you to remove and replace the Power Pack without taking your camera down from the mount. Connect the included power adapter to the micro USB port on the Power Pack. As it charges, a convenient LED on the side will turn from red to green when the battery is full. It is also designed to automatically stop charging when it is fully charged so you don't have to worry about damaging or overcharging it.

How long will a battery Power Pack last for?

The battery life of this Power Pack Plus is dependent on how often the security camera turns on. This means that the battery life will be significantly less if the camera is in a high traffic area full of motion activity or much longer if it is in a very low traffic area. The period of time that the camera remains recording after the camera senses motion will also impact how long a Power Pack Plus will last.

2-Cell Battery 3-Cell Battery
@10 Second Events @10 Second Events
Approx. 24 Events Per Day Approx. 24 Events Per Day
4 Months 6 Months
NOTE: Power Pack (2-cell) and Power Pack Plus (3-cell) does not have visual differences. Please refer to the model number on the sticker of your power pack.


  • Estimates provided are for 20°C / 68°F
  • Battery consumption varies on temperature
  • Darker environments may reduce battery life up to 50%
  • Colder climates may reduce battery life up to 50%
  • We recommend to not install cameras close to tree's to increase battery life (falling leaves increase potential events)
  • We recommend to not install camera's facing high traffic streets or paths in order to increase battery life
  • The capacity of the power pack degrades over time due to aging.

Product Compatibility

What's Included?


Accessory Power Pack Plus Features:

  • 2-cell Power Pack
  • Long-lasting battery and convenience
  • Power Pack system makes replacing rechargeable batteries quick and simple*

*Charger is not included

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